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The early days are such a fleeting time in our baby’s lives and newborn photography captures their ultimate newness that we miss in the initial rush of feedings, night wakes and nappy changes.

Newborn portraits are the perfect way capture each and every amazing tiny feature of this little person that you have created together and cherish them for years to come.

 As a mother I understand that the beginning of your newborns life can be very overwhelming, but don’t stress as your baby is my sole focus.

 My aim as a newborn photographer is to make this experience enjoyable for the parents as well as capture beautiful images.

Here I have answered some typical questions that may arise:-

How long does a newborn session take?

Newborn photography sessions are typically two hours long, allowing for plenty of time for feeding, nappy changes and a nice cuddle in between.

Do I need to bring anything to the session?

I ask you to bring a few nappies as accidents do happen, only natural.  A blanket for feeding times and anything sentimental to you that you would like to include in a picture.

I have an ever expanding array of stunning props to dress up your little prince or princess from head to toe.

After every newborn photo shoot all the blankets, wraps and clothes used are washed with sensitive laundry powder and made ready for the next session. I use antibacterial gel throughout the session to keep the environment nice and clean as your baby’s health is my top priority.

A dummy can be a great help if your bub is unsettled throughout the session. I would highly recommend you bringing one along just to use to settle him/her so you can get the images you like. I have some strelised dummies in the studio also, so don’t worry if you cant get your hand on one before hand.

When should I book in for my newborn session?

The ideal time to photograph newborns is between 7-10 days after birth. During this time they are nice and sleepy and easy to curl up making for amazing images. At around the 2 week mark babies go through a growth spurt and as a result are less settled and the great photos are much more difficult to achieve. All the babies that you see in my online portfolio are under two weeks old.

You should book a newborn photography session a couple of months prior to your expected due date. At this time, we will pencil in an estimated date for the session and I will provide you with all the information you will need.

The session date can be changed as required as your pregnancy progresses.

If you happen to miss the first two weeks and are interested in a photo shoot, then that is no problem. I will still capture beautiful images, but will probably approach the session a little differently.  However, keep in mind that the best results will be achieved when photos are taken in the first 10 days.

What if I have my baby late or early?

Only a small percentage of expecting mums have their baby on their due date, once you get information or happen to have had your baby earlier than expected send me a text, message or get hubby to call and let me know so I can adjust your session date. Don’t leave it too late to tell me as you might miss the two week window, a quick text the next day or even better on the day can prevent that.

Can I tell you what kind of images I like?

Yes of course, everyone’s tastes differ. I always suggest for my expecting mum and dads to be to go through my portfolio and see what they like and send me an email detailing any specific colour and styles they would like me to use. If you see something you like and it’s not in my portfolio its ok, send the example to me and I will endeavour to recreate it for you. However give me plenty of notice to get any props I may need to capture your preferred style.

Alternatively you can just leave it to me. I generally start the session with simple, natural shots with wraps. Then depending on how your baby is feeling on the day I do one to two prop setups, example a bed and basket.

What will I get after the session?

After the session I select the top 15-20 images of the day and edit them all in photoshop. Some of the images will be edited as black and white as well as colour (I get asked a lot if they can just get the colour one and print it in black and white, the answer yes however they will never look the same as mine. I would have edited many factors in the image to highlight different features in order to achieve that black and white look.)

Once I have edited all images I will upload them onto your own personal password protected gallery on my site.  I will then send you an email letting you know they are ready with a link to your gallery and your password.

What if I want more images then is in my gallery?

With each session I capture over 100 digital images and I would not be able to edit everyone, so I select the top 15-20 images. However, if you don’t like an image or you would like to order more than what have shown I will go through and pick the next best images of the day. The quantity will depend on what you are after.

How long before I get my images?

I generally say allow 3-4 weeks depending on your position in the queue, sometimes I get through them quick and sometimes it takes a little longer.

 What if I want prints?

I can order prints for you, I can provide you with a price list on request. My images are printed at Pro Lab. The difference with having your images printed at a common department store or a professional Pro Lab is unmeasurable, the colours and quality of their prints is perfect. Their printers are calibrated to meet strict standards.

What if I want frames or photobooks?

I also can provide you prices for frames and photobooks, we can discuss what you are after once you come to the studio for your session.

How do I make payment?

I always request a booking fee to be transferred to lock in your session. Once you come for your session I require the remainder of your package payment to be made in full.

Terms and Conditions:
Newborn sessions are only held during the first two weeks of the babies life.
Please note with each booking an upfront payment of $120 will be requested to ensure a spot. This is non-refundable and will be deducted from your final bill. If under some unforeseen circumstance you  had to extend your stay in hospital and are unable to make a newborn session within the first two weeks of the babies life then I will credit you the $120 towards another package.
If I am sick during the first two weeks and am unable to do the shoot, you can choose not to go ahead with the newborn shoot and be refunded your booking fee of $120. If I am unable to do the shoot due to sickness your booking fee will be refunded automatically.

If you have any other questions that are not listed above please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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